Commonly asked questions

Question 1:

What are your rates?


  • That would depend on your photography needs. Please drop me an email via here for a quotation.
  • Don't have a high budget but need photos for commercial usages? Click here to buy existing photos. 
  • Want to have a personal photoshoot session? Click here to fill up the form and proceed with 50% deposit first.

Question 2:

Will you shoot me for free? It's good for your exposure &/or portfolio!


I have enough materials for my portfolio. :)

I will only shoot male models signed with model agencies for free when I want to test a new light set up or idea.

I don't shoot men with receding hairline, weak chin and abs that only look good from one lighting angle.

If you like my photography style and wish to have a personal photoshoot, please click here.

Question 3: 

I regretted having the photoshoot. Please remove my photos.


No, I will not remove due to the following reasons.

1. Copyright belongs to me if the shoot was on a TFCD basis.

2. If the shoot arrangement was done via the model agency, do note that I usually have the rights to use the photos as part of my promotion materials.

3. I had already sought consent from both the model agency and the model for all test shoots including underwear.

4.  It is a complete waste of my time and money to shoot something only to remove it. :)

Since I am not the one with regrets, please check google on how to de-link the search results to yourself. 

Terms & Conditions for free shoots:

1. Male model must have visible 6 pack abs, less than 12% body fat and good face i.e strong jawline, full lips. Check out my website to see the type of faces that I prefer.

2. Male model must agree to whatever theme I propose on the spot.  It will not involve nudity but I may want something wacky e.g. hello kitty.  If you are afraid of pink and hello kitty, don't contact me.

3. Model must agree to photo submission to gay websites. If you are homophobic, don't contact me as my fan base consists largely of gay men.

 Photo selection for free shoots
I will usually handpick the best 10+/- photos and do retouching first before passing to everyone involved.
*No raws will be given.*

Turn around time for retouching photos from free shoots
I will take 5 working days to retouch these additional photos and pass it to all parties by the 6th working day. 

Retouching for free shoots
Covers the following: removal of blemishes, pimples, balding spots.
This does not include faking abs on your body, liquifying your stomach to look a lot smaller.

Copyright for free shoots

Copyright belongs to me. The photos are not to be used for commercial purposes. If there are parties interested to purchase the photos, I will discuss the revised license and profit sharing with all parties e.g. models, model agencies and hmua if any.

Terms & Conditions for paid photo session can be found via this link.

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