End of Photovogue art+commerce

This morning I received an email stating that Art+Commerce had ended the photovogue collection.
Couldn’t help but felt slightly disappointed upon reading the email.
Previously Art+Commerce photovogue meant that there was a chance of finally earning money from photos.

However that was all gone now.
Even so, during the past 8(?) years that I had been with Art+Commerce Photovogue, I did not manage to receive any sales unlike Eyeem or Getty.
I guess photovogue art+commerce has always been super niche.
Moving forward, I guess I will still contribute to photovogue for fun because it’s still quite an ego booster to see that tiny vogue logo on my photos.

On Hiatus due to covid19

Can’t believe it has been 2 years since my last shoot back in 2019 but yes, I’m currently still on hiatus due to covid19. I would like to resume shooting but I’ve fears of getting covid19 and it’s also hard to find local, fit male models who are willing to do underwear shoots. Oh well. Hopefully 2022 onwards will be much better. Till then, thanks for checking out my website!

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