Removal of photos from my website

Today I received email from an ex-model regarding photo removal AGAIN. 
6(?) years ago, I told this person before that the photos had gone viral and spread to other websites.
A 100% removal was not guaranteed.
 Moreover I was PISSED.


TDLR - Model was above 21 years old, I did not shoot nudes, signed model release and informed agency that I was using these photos for publicity. I also informed model agency in advance that I wanted to shoot male underwear. :) In addition, shoot was unpaid for both parties i.e. TFCD because usage of photos were for model’s portfolio as well.

Update as at Jan 23 2024

I also find it strange that the ex-model would be facing workplace harassment, employment issues in a liberal country such as UK. :) I really feel like reaching out to dailymail and other UK based news websites to find out if this is true. I can understand if the ex-model is based in Russia or Philippines. But for a UK person to be facing discrimination where topless women are featured in tabloids, gay marriages are legally allowed, I really question the validity of such claims and I myself would be seeking legal advice if this persists.

Full details:

In 2017, I had informed the ex-model’s agency in advance that I was shooting male underwear photos and would be submitting these photos to online magazines as part of publicity for myself.

His agency agreed - I know his agency would also check with him because I always had the standard template for male models - bring 2 pairs of underwear, sneaks and etc.

I recalled I did a google search on him and found out that he had already graduated from university so he was definitely over 21 years old as well.

I had signed a model release with his ex-agency, spent at least SGD 300 on photo production, 5 hours of photo retouching.

During the shoot, I showed him the photos immediately because I disliked unglam shots myself. I remembered he was the one who proposed the chair shot. LOL.

During the shoot, myself -1.6m/5 foot 2, my mom and the model (1.83m/6 foot 2) were on set. I rented the studio but I could not recall if the studio owner was away as usual. Point was I did not coerce him to shoot underwear or show his bulge at all. No guns are allowed in Singapore as well. :) I presume he could have also overpowered both myself and my mom. LOL.

The photos went viral.

Then I recalled a few months later, his ex-agency asked if I could remove the photos but I told his ex-agency that the photos had become viral i.e. spread worldwide and it was hard to remove especially for those countries that did not respect DMCA.

  • Now - 2024

I checked with friends and online - the recommendation was for the model to buy the entire copyright so that the photos belonged to him. It makes sense especially given the tedious nature of photo removals. I tried requesting websites to remove unauthorized usage of my photos and ultimately gave up as it was similar to “whack a mole”

I got curious, checked google faq for removal of photos and as at Jan 22 2024 SGT, the faqs stated:


For us to consider the content for removal, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The imagery shows you (or the individual you’re representing) nude, in a sexual act, or an intimate state.
  • You (or the individual you’re representing) didn’t consent to the imagery or the act and it was made publicly available OR the imagery was made available online without your consent.
  • You are not currently being paid for this content online or elsewhere.
    Link  -

  • To the ex-model - Please buy out the entire copyrights to your photos so that you will be the copyright owner and can demand websites to take down photos.
    But take note that your ex-model agency is still surviving in Singapore so we will have to negotiate with the agency and not just myself. I’m looking at USD $5000.

    This means that once you have purchased the entire rights, nobody can ever use the photos including myself and the agency. However to remove the photos from other websites, please note that some countries do not entertain DMCA and the photos will still remain.

    To potential models looking to work with me - I don’t shoot nudes and I don’t entertain photo removals if I have signed model releases. Think twice before working with me. :)

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