What will I shoot for free?

Additional Terms & Conditions

1. Male model must agree to whatever theme I propose on the spot.  It will not involve nudity but I want something wacky e.g. hello kitty.  If you are afraid of pink and hello kitty, don't contact me.

2. Model must listen to my instructions. This is not a collaboration as I'm paying for the studio rental and spending unpaid time to retouch your skin.

3. I'm not shooting fat male models i.e. more than 12% body fat for free. 

4. Male models MUST agree to submission to gay websites/ magazines. If you are homophobic, don't contact me as my fan base consists largely of gay men.

Photo selection
I will usually handpick the best 15+/- photos and do retouching first before passing to everyone involved.
*No raws will be given.*

Turn around time for retouching

I will take 5 working days to retouch these additional photos and pass it to all parties by the 6th working day. 

Covers the following: removal of blemishes, pimples, balding spots.
This does not include faking abs on your body, liquifying your stomach to look a lot smaller.

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